The Courtney Library Project

Submitted by Pauline Stewart on Thu, 10/07/2021 - 17:08
Truro Society volunteers at The Courtney Library receiving training

Heritage Volunteer projects in the South-West receive expert training to enable them to work on textiles, including conservation, creation and renovation in historic houses, museums, churches and cathedrals. Volunteers also Work in libraries, museums and historic houses conserving and cataloguing books and archives. Our library volunteers receive training biannually so that high standards are maintained. Pictured are the Truro Society volunteers at The Courtney Library in The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro receiving training from one of the leading book conservators in the country. In the past Truro have worked in the museum on ceramic projects and recording a collection of approximately 100 prints of Leonardi da Vinci. Our volunteers have received national recognition for Parks and Gardens Recording projects in some of the historic gardens in the South-West. The Falmouth Society have completed a project researching the importation of exotic plants through the ports of Falmouth and Penryn between 1800 – 1850. Their research document can be found as a searchable data base on the Falmouth Society website. Printed copies are available in the library of The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the museum libraries in Cornwall. At area level we encourage groups to apply for grants from various sources.