Decoding History's Art

Join us with art historian Dr Geri Parlby at The Museum of Somerset, Taunton, TA1 4AA. 

A five week course in February/March 2023. Three sessions each day from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Course fee £150.

March 2nd. A flowering of genius across Northern Europe and the Tudor court. From Hans Holbein to Hieronymus Bosch - Durer to Nicholas Hilliard.

March 9th. The story of Raphael - from the Court of Urbino to the Sophistication of Florence and the grandeur of Rome.

March 16th. Titian - a lifetime of art amidst the light and colour of 16th century Venice.

March 23rd. From the renaissance to Mannerism - beauty through a different lens. Tintoretto, Bronzino and the Spanish court.

March 30th. From Mannerism to murder and rape - Caravaggio 'the bad boy' and Artemisia Gentileschi the artistic genius who challenged the system.

To contact the course organiser please email David Yates -